Microsoft 365 Project Update – Benefits and To-Do List


Dear Howard Students, 

As previously announced, Howard University is transitioning from Google Suite to Microsoft 365 during the summer of 2024!  

All current, active Howard students, regardless of level, are in scope. New incoming students will already have Microsoft 365 access. This excludes graduating seniors and Alumni. 

This exciting transition will enhance your academic experience by providing substantial mailbox storage capacity, advanced security measures, a comprehensive suite of productivity tools, and seamless integration with other Microsoft applications. You can now look forward to better organization and management of emails, increased protection of your account and sensitive information, enriched collaboration, and a smooth and efficient user experience. Check out the M365 Benefits One-pager for more tips and benefits!  

We are excited to share that our next milestone is around the corner. The students enrolled in classes for this upcoming Summer School Session will kick off the first migration for this exciting change on May 1st! This will include Summer Sessions I and II.  

Remaining students will be migrated starting on June 1st. Specific information will be shared with those students closer to the migration date.   

While you review all this exciting information, also make sure to check your TO DO LIST prior to the migration date.  

Upon completion of the migration, there will be a folder within OneDrive titled “GDriveMigration.” All files previously stored in Google Drive will be accessible here. If documentation from other applications such as Google Sheets, Google Keep, or Google Slides is not saved in Google Drive, documents will not be migrated over. Review and organize your G Drive folders and files by May 22nd!  

Your Email ID and Portal access will remain the same: and AccessHU 

Want more information? Head to the ETS website O365 resource page for FAQs, training resources, short videos, and more! 

We look forward to engaging with you over the next several months to continue to raise your awareness of the project and invite you to opportunities to build your knowledge and skills to effectively make this transition.  

We appreciate your continued support.   

In Truth and Service, 

Enterprise Technology Services 


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