ETS Computer Lab Policy


  • All patrons visiting the iLAB and other ETS computer labs must a valid Howard ID Card that will be scanned upon entry. Once the identification has been checked and verified (photo and ID holder matched) by the Access Control Monitor stationed at the door, the patron will be permitted to proceed into the lab.

  • Only currently registered Howard students and currently employed faculty and staff will be admitted.

  • Any patron experiencing verification issues will be referred to the Bison Once Card Office (the first floor of the Technology Center Building; 202–806–2109 //

  • Violators will be reported to the Office of Student Affairs as violations of the student code of conduct, specifically, Section VIII: PROHIBITED BEHAVIORS – 14. Forgery, Fraud, Dishonesty

  • Persons without Howard ID Card, but who give the access control personnel a valid Howard ID number (that is verified on the access control computer) shall be allowed entrance to each OAS lab a maximum of ONE TIME. Afterward, they will have to get a valid Howard ID Card in order to enter an OAS lab.

  • Children are NOT allowed in the Labs. Exceptions: young persons participating in tours or University-sponsored educational programs are admitted if accompanied at all times by an authorized university official.

  • Additionally, children of Howard personnel are admissible per current University policy in this regard.

  • Food, drinks or food/drink containers are not allowed in ETS labs.

  • Consumption of food and drinks is limited to the Student Lounge area of the iLAB. 

  • No weapons, firearms, animals or other pets are allowed in OAS any computer labs. (Exception: Seeing–eye dogs)


Anyone who violates these policies, operational procedures and guidelines may have their iLAB or other ETS Labs access privileges revoked. Please report any violation immediately to the iLAB Front Desk.

  • Phone calls are prohibited. If you need to make or answer a call, patrons must leave the lab to the Student Lounge or elsewhere.

  • All ringers and alarms on mobile devices should be turned to off or set to vibrate.

  • All conversations must be held at whisper levels.

  • Class and group meetings are prohibited in the labs, however, groups can reserve the iLAB mini–labs.

  • Printing limits are 30 pages per/day for each lab user

  • Music or audio sound must be played through headphones.

  • Users must supply their own storage media, such as USB memory sticks.

  • Patrons may not install, modify, delete and/or reconfigure any software on any workstation in the iLAB or other ETS Lab (includes screen savers, desktop background, window color, sound setup).

  • Patrons may not install, modify, adjust or reconfigure any hardware in the iLAB or other ETS Labs.