HU Web Server Policy

I. Purpose of Policy

See the General Web Policy for definitions.

II. Definitions

See the General Web Policy for definitions.

III. Requirements and Responsibilities

  • For security purposes Web Server Administrators are responsible to:

    • Keep current with security patches for the operating system and all installed software on the computer that could pose a security risk.

    • Properly restrict access to information.

    • Ensure the Server Administrator of the Web Server, or a secondary contact, will be available during working hours to resolve problems.

  • Without specific authorization from the Main Howard University Webmaster(s) and the University, Howard University Web servers may not be used for the following:

    • Advertising or server space for non-university persons or organizations.

      • A web advertisement consists of:

        • Text or graphics placed on a Web Page that have been paid for by a non-Howard University organization; or,

        • Text or graphics placed on a Web Page in exchange for goods or services.

      • The following examples do not constitute an advertisement:

        • General interest links to commercial Web Sites that may be of interest to Web viewers and that are available free of charge (e.g., links to Alta Vista search service, area weather links).

        • Subscription services or site licenses for which the university subscribes, in order to gain access to a commercial service of academic nature.

        • Information that relates to or supports the teaching, research, or service mission of the university, such as academic departmental conferences.

        • Listings of sponsors for a Howard University official performance or special event (the listings must not be hyperlinks to a commercial sponsor's Web Page).

    • Activities that would provide non-university related persons or organizations monetary gain; or,

    • Activities that would provide direct financial benefit to any non-Howard University organization.

IV. Appeals

Appeals regarding any of the guidelines in this policy may be made to the Main Howard University Webmaster(s) or to the Howard Chief Information Officer.