Workday Overview

Efficiency | Effectiveness | Integration | Collaboration

Why did Howard University choose Workday?

In 2019, Howard University began the initiative to search for a vendor to replace the previous application. The CIO and Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) leaders assembled a cross-functional team to engage the campus community and Howard University stakeholders in a collaborative discovery process to pursue a new cloud-based ERP system. Workday was deemed the best ERP provider for Howard after a comprehensive request-for-proposal process. We chose Workday because it puts the user experience first and streamlines business transactions, resulting in increased efficiency. Workday's configurable business processes allow the University to adopt business best practices and quickly take advantage of new functionality as it becomes available. The deployment of the Workday, HCM, and Finance project kicked off on June 1, 2020.

Workday will deliver sustainability through a range of financial management processes across the University, including general ledger, gifts, grants, projects, purchasing, business assets, and departmental budgeting.  Workday will streamline and improve human capital management processes, such as recruitment, onboarding, benefits, and payroll. All members of the University community will feel the benefits of Workday HCM and Finance. As an employee, you will have access to this one-stop University system. Workday has a modern interface and delivers services over the internet. All data will be stored in the cloud, eliminating the need to store and protect data locally.

Modernization of the University's administrative systems is a vital goal of ETS and a significant project for the efficiency and effectiveness pillar of the Howard Forward strategic plan.  Howard University is among the prominent institutions that have chosen to implement Workday, and this decision moves us closer to the leading edge of innovation.

Key Workday Features

Workday's intuitive interface provides fast access to standard work functions and is accessible across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices—anytime and anywhere. Even when you're not in Workday, notifications will alert you when you need to log in and take action. Workday offers:

· An easy-to-use, web-based interface

· Access via desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile

· Automated workflows and less paper

· More efficient and consistent processes

· Self Service options that allow you to update your personal information; and

· The option to enter time worked and request time off

Workday Project Scope

Project I 2021: Human Capital Management (Talent & Performance Management) Project I 2021: Financial Management Project II 2022 (Tentative)
Benefits Payroll Student
Compensation Time Tracking Performance Management (Faculty, Grad Assistants, Federal Work Study)
Retirement Benefits Financial Accounting Prism
Absence Budgets Budget & Planning
Recruiting Banking & Settlement Succession Planning
Talent Management Customer Accounts & Customer Contracts Pre-Award Grants Management
Performance Management (Administrative Staff) Procurement Leases
Reporting Travel & Expenses Integration of Scout to Workday
Endowments Data Warehouse Deployment
Business Assets Retirement Customer Service
Supplier Accounts Professional Development
Scout Contract Management (non-Workday) Post Award Grants Management

Howard Forward with Workday

The Workday project aligns with the Howard Forward 2019-2024 strategic plan, Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness Pillar.

We will improve efficiency and effectiveness with investments in upgraded technology and systems to promote process automation and incentive programming for customer satisfaction metrics while consistently delivering the highest quality product and services.

Workday's design allows more consistent and efficient business processes and streamlines integration between applications. It provides access to information that provides transparency and visibility into integrated data across an institution. The Workday solution will help ease the administrative burden of faculty and provide better reporting for improved management and decision making.