Workday Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Workday?

Workday is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications delivering state-of-the-art solutions designed for human capital management (HCM), financial management, and payroll systems. It is the only company providing a single, unified system with higher education needs in mind. The Workday solution will provide the University with the ability to streamline and automate many business processes.  

What is cloud-based software?

Workday is hosted in a secure cloud environment, which means Workday will maintain the application on its servers, and the Howard community will access Workday using the internet.

Why are we changing systems?

Howard is moving to more effectively integrate, streamline, and improve financial and human resource administrative functions across the University. Workday will allow us to create a unified financial and business experience for the campus community while aligning with our strategic focus on efficiency and effectiveness.

What are the benefits of Workday for the Howard University community?

· Easy-to-use, web-based interface

· Accessible via desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile

· Reduced need for time-consuming manual processes and paper forms; for example, no more Electronic Personnel Action Requests (ePAR’s); and

· Real-time access to information and reports to do work quickly and efficiently

What functional areas are included in the Workday launch in July?

The Workday project scope includes Finance, Human Capital Management, and Payroll. Workday Student is scheduled to launch in 2022.

How is the Howard community engaged with the Workday project?

A core team of Howard University functional leads and subject matter experts from Human Resources and Finance are collaborating with experienced Workday consultants to ensure the University’s business requirements are incorporated into Workday.

We are also establishing a Change Network of trusted and respected individuals from across the Howard University community who can influence and drive change within their functional area. The Change Network will keep you informed about the Workday project, help you understand what’s happening and when, and share the information and resources needed to prepare you for a new way of working.

What is the plan to train the Howard community on the system?

Everyone learns differently, and the knowledge and skills needed for Workday will vary depending on how you will use the system. Training will be delivered in multiple formats to support our diverse needs, including instructor-led and on-demand training. Reference materials, including job aids, reference guides, and videos, will be readily available. Open Labs will be scheduled for go-live in July. The training team will share the full training schedule with the Howard University community in the coming months.

What is the timeline for implementing Workday at Howard?

The Howard University Workday solution is a multi-year implementation that launched in June 2020. The Workday Finance and Human Resources functionality will go live on July 1, 2021.

How do I submit a question or provide feedback about Workday?

To submit a question or provide feedback, send an email to the Workday team at

Is Workday Time Tracking just for full-time employees?

No, all full-time and part-time employees, with the exception of hospital staff, will use Workday to manage their time off and leave.  Hourly and temporary employees will also enter their time worked in Workday.

Do salaried employees enter both time work and time off in Workday?

No, salaried employees only enter their time off in Workday.

Do hourly employees enter both time worked and time off in Workday?

Yes, hourly employees enter time worked and time off in Workday?

What are the leave types that I can enter into Workday?

Employees may enter all current leave types into Workday except for FMLA (i.e., vacation (annual), sick, bereavement).

How would I enter FMLA into Workday?

Only the Absence Partner (on the Benefits Team) can document Leave of Absence into Workday for an employee approved for FMLA.

Can I enter my time from my mobile phone?

Yes, hours worked can be entered directly into Workday using the mobile app.

I am a student employee; do I still have to record my time on a hardcopy timesheet?

No, all time entry is entered into Workday.

Workday Change Network

What is the Change Network?

The Change Network is a cohort of more than 60 trusted and respected individuals from across the Howard University community who can influence and drive change within their functional area.

What is the role of the Change Network?

Change Network members will:

· Advocate for and raise the visibility of Workday

· Ensure the HU community understands what’s happening with the Workday project and when it will happen

· Share the information and resources needed to work in a new way; and

· Build support amongst their teams and peers before, during, and after implementation

How will I know who my Change Network representative is?

You can ask your manager or check the Managers and People Leaders Folder on the Workday Resource Hub.

Workday Training

When will instructor-led training take place?

May 17 through June 18, 2021

What type of training will we receive?

Training will be delivered in multiple formats and provide several opportunities to build knowledge and skills.  Training will include road-shows, brown bag sessions, on-demand content, and traditional instructor-led training.

Who is providing the training?

Designated Howard staff members will deliver Workday-related training. There are two types of trainers:

  1. Functional Trainers – Subject matter experts knowledgeable in specific functional areas like benefits, time tracking, and procurement.
  2. Department trainers – This group of trainers provides local perspectives and delivers training for the departments, schools, or colleges.

What resources will we have?

On-demand resources will include job aids, quick reference guides, self-paced learning modules, and videos.

Is there only one opportunity for training?

No, multiple training opportunities will be provided, including instructor-led training, micro-learning opportunities, and on-demand training.  Training and user support will be provided before and after the Workday Go-Live, July 1, 2021.

How long are the training sessions?

The duration of each session will vary by role and function.

What type of training and support will we have after we go-live?

There will be ongoing support, including refresher training and open lab sessions beginning at Go-Live.

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