Workday Updates and Announcements

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Open communication is crucial to the success of the Workday project and we want to make sure the Howard community is aware of our goals and next steps. Please review the important announcements below.  


Updating Your Personal Information:  

  • Did you know: You can update your personal information (legal name, address, emergency contacts etc.) in Workday without contacting HR?  Get training here

Workday Student is Coming: 

  • The implementation process for Workday Student started in Fall 2021. Learn more about the project here.  

Workday HCM and Financial went live July 1, 2021 and we have accomplished so much! Since that time we have:  

  • Streamlined of payroll processes  

  • Initiated paperless goal setting for staff  

  • Improved reporting and manager dashboards  

  • Implemented the more secure Okta log-in for Workday  

  • Improved time keeping transparency and capabilities 

  • Successfully completed open enrollment via Workday  

  • Simplified the employee termination processes  

  • Eliminated of e-pars for hiring 

  • Improved transparency of budgets 

The Workday HCM/Financials project team meets daily to ensure we are enhancing the system to meet your needs. Along with senior leaders, we are prioritizing features within the system to improve the way you work. 

In Spring 2022, you can expect: 

  • Additional training on current Workday features 

  • A training calendar of upcoming live training 

  • On-going Percipio training updates to include information on new enhancements and system improvements  

  • Reporting training 

  • Small group HR Workday training Sessions 

  • Improvements to current Workday features 

  • Updates to the Payment Request Form process 

  • Continued enhancements to faculty/staff onboarding processes 

  • Desktop supply ordering 

  • Improvements in the faculty hiring process   

  • Increased system transparency for principal investigators 

  • Resolution on 'check budget' errors to grant hiring 

  • Releases and new workday feature releases 

  • Updated Workday user interface 

  • Paperless performance evaluations for staff  

  • Workday Learning (centralized staff learning management system) 

Note: As we grow in our Workday capabilities, we anticipate being able to accommodate enhancement/update requests from the Howard community that will be considered by our Workday change control board. More information on this soon.

We look forward to keeping you informed. If you have questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions or please Contact Us.